Holistic Enhancements

Holistic Enhancements

A massage isn’t the only way to relax: we’d like to introduce the herbal foot spa to you. Sit back and dip your feet into our decadent solution of essences crafted just to pamper you. Let the floral aroma waft its way up toward you and as you close your eyes and enjoy every minute that you’re being taken care of by our friendly and attentive staff.

It’s our mission to make sure your experience with our herbal foot spa is a pleasant one that you won’t soon forget. Our team of certified therapists will tend to your feet’s needs so that you will feel like you’re walking on new feet after your time with us. The herbal foot spa is designed for detoxification, so it will also leave you feeling refreshed and energized throughout your entire body.

Health benefits of the herbal foot spa include

  • Better blood flow to your feet
  • Reduced anxiety and stress
  • Detoxification
  • Restored energy balance

The herbal foot spa shouldn’t be given to anyone with severe problems on their feet. If you are unsure if the herbal foot spa is safe for you, consult your doctor.

However, almost anyone else can enjoy the herbal foot spa as a therapeutic way to enter a deep, tranquil relaxation. Consider getting an herbal foot massage in addition to a massage, especially a Swedish relaxation massage for maximum relaxation.

For more detailed information about our herbal foot massage service or to book your appointment, please contact All is Well Massage and SPA today!

Your hands and feet are important parts of your body. Why don’t you treat them as such? At All is Well Massage and SPA we are pleased to provide affordable care of your most abused appendages with our hands and feet care service. After a session with us, even the roughest of hands and feet will feel silky smooth.

For our hands and feet care service, we take the time to give special attention to your hands and feet with a luxurious scrub and moisturizing cream as they are gently massaged.

Hands and feet care is provided by a licensed therapist and is intended to leave your hands and feet feeling brand new. All of our staff is well- trained and takes your comfort very seriously: this therapy is relaxing, soothing, and really makes you feel like royalty. This service is suitable for anyone who is old enough to get a massage. There is nobody who has an excuse for not taking care of their hands and feet.

Our Hands and feet care service can

  • improve circulation in the hands and feet
  • provide relief from arthritis
  • exfoliate, soften, and moisturize your skin
  • reduce stress

We recommend the hands and feet care service after one of our detoxification services (ion detox body toxin cleanse and herbal foot spa). Both are a great way to feel refreshed and rejuvenated!

For more information about our hands and feet care services and our other services or to book your appointment, please contact All is Well Massage and SPA today!

Pain is the body’s signal to let us know that something is not right; whether it is due to a physical injury like muscle pain, disease, or emotional upset. Chinese herbal pain remedies are a safe and reliable method that won’t do damage to your skin or leave toxins in your body used to ease your everyday aches and pain.

Using the most cutting-edge technology, our licensed therapists will deliver the herbal pain relief balm/oil treatment with the most innovative products on the herbal supplement market, from Chinese pain patches to healing balms to medicated oils.

Health benefits of the herbal pain relief balm/oil treatment include:

  • Pain relief & muscle relaxation
  • Diminishes inflammation
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Aides with tissue regeneration
  • Antiseptic and cooling

You can trust that you are receiving herbal pain remedies created with the highest quality of herbs, giving you the preferred natural alternative to regular pharmaceuticals. We are proud to have FDA approval of all our products, making them reliable and trust-worthy products including the ones below for Chinese herbal pain relief.

Almost anyone else can enjoy the herbal pain relief balm/oil treatment as a therapeutic way to relief the body of pain naturally. Consider getting an herbal pain relief balm/oil treatment in addition to a any massage.

For more detailed information about our herbal pain relief balm/oil treatment or to book your appointment, please contact All is Well Massage and SPA today!

Chronic pain is no game. That’s why we chose this specialty enhancement that will help target your chronic pain. We use heat to kick things up a notch and help soothe your aching muscular pain.

Our infrared heat treatment is provided by a licensed therapist and is intended to help ease muscular tension and the treatment is pain free and relaxing. This TDP, Teding Diancibo Pu, healing lamp is used to warm surface areas for relief with distress. This special lamp penetrates the skin helping to temporarily relieve muscle spasm, sprains and strains, and minor muscular back pain

Infrared therapy has scientifically been proven to:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Relieve pain
  • Promote blood circulation
  • Improve microcirculation
  • Promote plant growth
  • Strengthen immunity against disease
  • Improve metabolism

The TDP Mineral Lamp is a tested therapeutic tool now being widely used by various health providers. In the past 16 years, millions of patients with chronic ailments have been beneficiaries of therapy with TDP lamps.

We recommend the infrared heat treatment with your next Deep Tissue, Sports Therapy, or any chronic pain issues that may arise during your normal routine.

For more information about our infrared heat treatment service and our other services or to book your appointment, please contact All is Well Massage & SPA  today!

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