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With decadent massage oil, the firm, light to medium intensity strokes and kneading relax your muscles in a methodical and soothing manner. Our highly-trained massage therapist will focus on zones of muscle tension, while making sure that by the end of your Swedish relaxation massage session, your entire body is completely and totally relaxed.

During a deep tissue massage, your licensed and certified massage therapist will apply lots of pressure with slow strokes as they work on your body in order to target the deepest layer of muscle tissue. This deep penetrating technique will release tension in your body so that you may achieve total relaxation and reinvigoration. As the tension is released during the deep tissue massage, you will start to feel relief from chronic pain associated with these muscles. As such, this massage is most effective on the back, shoulders, and thighs.

Pamper not only your partner, but yourself with our special couple’s massage service! Whether its Valentine’s Day, his or her birthday, or you just want to show that person how much you care about him or her, the couple’s massage therapy service is sure to be a winner for everybody. Lay next to your partner and enter deep relaxation as you both are pampered by highly-trained certified massage therapists- one for each of you- who will utilize a variety of massage techniques to provide you with quality massage therapy service. Your couple’s massage will be an ideal way to spend time together and makes for a wonderful date.

Acupressure is a traditional Chinese therapy that has been practiced for thousands of years in Asia. Acupressure Healing Massage is a therapy technique that focuses on special parts of the body that are sensitive to bio-electrical signals and can be stimulated in order to promote self-healing and deep relaxation. In Chinese medicine, the energy that can be released at these important points is called “chi.” Acupressure Healing Massage won’t hurt- we don’t use needles or any scary instruments like with acupuncture. Your chi is naturally released with the pressure that is applied by our experienced massage therapists.

Hot stone massage therapy is effective at targeting tension at deep layers, as the heat from the stones permeates the upper layers to relax the inner parts of your muscles. The massage therapist will place some hot stones on your body so that the pressure and heat can relax you and work on your muscles while the therapist massages you simultaneously. This combination can work wonders on stress and tension!

Prolonged exercise and competition can be tolling on the body- that’s why a sports massage should be an essential part of health regimen for any athlete. Sports massages can be administered before a big game in order to reduce tension and stress so that performance can be at its top; they can also be used after an event in order to speed up recovery. So, whether you’re about to play, or just finished playing, a sports massage will keep you in top shape.

Prenatal Massages are an excellent choice for women who are experiencing back pain or discomfort due to their pregnancy. Headaches, cramps, and swelling can also be alleviated with a prenatal massage. During the prenatal massage, we strive for your utmost comfort. We know pregnancy is hard, and we want to make it the most enjoyable experience possible for you. You will be given ample support and cushioning for your relaxation therapy, so that your mind can also be put to rest while our licensed therapist takes care of the rest.

Scalp, Neck, and Shoulder Acupressure Massage is a therapy technique that focuses on special parts of the upper body and head that are sensitive to bio-electrical signals and can be stimulated in order to promote self-healing and deep relaxation.  This service is perfect for clients who are seeking specialized acupressure therapy.

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